KTM Train From KL To Ipoh

Ipoh is a well-known, attractive and popular city in Malaysia. The city, also popularly known as the Perak’s capital city, has been successful in capturing the attention of the tourists. The beautiful venues and picturesque locations never fail to impress its visitors and thus most of the people prefer booking their train tickets to Ipoh.

To reach to one of the largest Malaysian city, tourists generally prefer traveling via train and availing the various train services. The available KL to Ipoh train is the most preferred one by the passengers. Along with the convenience and comfort that this train offers, passengers are also seen impressed by the efficiency of the offered services. Traveling through the train allows the passengers to witness the unmatched beauty of the various picturesque locations.

The available ETS trains are not just used by the tourists and travelers but are also used by the local people for their daily needs. You will find all your needs, shining brightly on these trains. Also, booking the train tickets for these trains is extremely easy. You can make use of online means for making the bookings.

Trains from KL to Ipoh – Duration and Fares:

Considering the popularity of the trains from KL to Ipoh, there are different categories of ETS trains that can be availed. Have a look at the options:

  • ETS Platinum: One of the best trains available that reduce the distance and thus offers the maximum convenience while traveling
  • ETS Gold: This train has a significant number of stops and the train stops for an adequate amount of time
  • ETS Silver: This train takes the maximum traveling time as it stops at the maximum stations

Have a look at the table containing the necessary information for the KL to Ipoh train:

Ticket Types

Estimated Duration


Number of Stops



2 hrs 18 min


7 - 8 Stops



2 hrs 20 min


10 Stops



2 hrs 30 min


16 Stops


No matter which type of train ticket you have, here are some of the guaranteed facilities:

  • Comfort
  • Suitability for the elder travelers
  • Available food and drinks
  • Affordable price
  • On-board toilets along with handicap toilets
  • Separate prayer room for Muslim travelers

Departure Point – KL Sentral Kuala Lumpur:

The departure point is nothing less than a convenient location that connects to all the available public transport options. The departure point for the Ipoh trains has been designed after considering all the desirable needs of the passengers. As a result of the same, almost all kind of passengers prefer traveling through this departure point. You can easily locate this departure point via buses, trains, and taxis.

As the departure point is accessed by most of the travelers, tourists, and passengers, it is expected to be extremely crowded. The crowd increases on the weekends and during the festive time. It is therefore advised to keep a closer eye on all your belongings for avoiding any kind of difficulties.

Arrival Point – Ipoh Train Station:

Once you reach Ipoh, you will access the Ipoh train station which is located on the city’s southern side. The train station is located very near to the state mosque and thus can be easily located. You will be amazed by the beautiful British architecture of the station. You can also witness the amazing architecture via train from KL to Ipoh.

Further, the arrival point in Ipoh is also very close to the bus station. This allows the passengers to avail the bus facility and travel to their desired destinations after exiting from the station. You will get all the needed facilities, once you arrive at the arrival point – Ipoh train station.


If you are planning to travel via train to Ipoh, it would be really convenient to make online reservations even before a month. It is really easy to make online reservations for tickets and thus is one of the most preferred means amongst the passengers. Also, it is also advised to choose your desired seat numbers in the ETS KL to Ipoh train so that you can get the maximum benefits and services of these amazing yet efficient trains.