Train From KL to Penang

If you are looking for a place which can attract you with the amazingly great picturesque locations then you must catch a train to Penang. Penang is one of the most attractive places of Malaysian coast which is located on the northern side. You will witness the perfect balance between the city life and the natural beauty.

Penang is also surrounded by Kedah and Perak, the other two beautiful states. The diversity in the cultures, religions, languages, and traditions keep the tourists entertained along with motivated to visit the place again and again. The option of boarding ETS train from KL to Penang is one of the best options to take.

There are a number of ETS trains that not only offers a comforting journey but also makes the travel route convenient for the passengers. Penang’s rich heritage is one strong reason that attracts the tourists throughout the year. You can easily book and avail these KL to Penang trains without facing any major difficulties. Have a pleasant train journey with the maximum benefits and services while you choose to travel to Penang.

Train from KL to Penang – Duration and Fares

There are many options available in terms of a train traveling from KL to Penang. Differently available trains offer different facilities and services along with the ease and convenience. However, there can be the difference in the fare of these train tickets due to the difference in the number of facilities being offered.

Here is a table that mentions all the needed details about the duration of the route along with the fare and other necessary details. Have a look and then choose the most suitable option for you as per your preference and convenience.

Type of Tickets



Number of Stops



4 hrs 2 min


7-8 Stops



4 hrs 6 min


10 Stops


The following are some of the facilities offered in these ETS train tickets:

  • Needed comfort
  • Well-suitability for senior citizens
  • Affordable price
  • check
    Facility to buy food and drinks
  • check
    On-board toilets

If you are traveling from ETS Silver, you will have to get down at Ipoh and get a new ETS train ticket for reaching Butterworth.

Departure Point –KL Sentral Kuala Lumpur:

Without any second thoughts, KL Sentral is one of the best transportation options for departure by the passengers. It is extremely convenient to get the Penang train from KL Sentral point as it is very accessible from all modes of public transport options like LRT, Rapid KL, buses, and KLIA transit. Reaching Penang from here would certainly be very easy.

Moreover, the departure point offers all the needed facilities to its travelers. You can board the train to Penang from the ETS platform after you have booked your ticket. You can entertain the following facilities at this departure point:

  • WashRooms
  • Convenience Stores
  • Separate Prayer Rooms 
  • check
    Eatable stores

Arrival Point – Butterworth Train Station:

Butterworth is chosen as the arrival point in Penang as it is located very near to the Penang’s ferry terminal that can help you reach Penang. The station is under the construction process to provide it the accessibility from the bus, trains as well as ferries. It is predicted that the station will offer the best convenience to book the train ticket to Penang.

For the people who are traveling for the first time at this arrival, point need not worry. There are a good amount of signs and guiding boards that can be used to reach to the right destination. You can also easily reach to the ferry terminal using the available signboards.


The trains from KL to Penang would be more attractive if it is boarded during the time of festivals. But you need to be careful to book your ETS tickets in advance as they get sold really quickly. You can make use of the online means for booking your tickets and also to get your choice of seats in the train. The advance booking of the train tickets generally ensures the fact that the passengers can avail the maximum number of train services without facing any issues or problems.