KTM Train To Johor Bahru

Johor is one of those precious gems of Malaysia that makes it way more beautiful. Located in the southern part of Malaysia, Johor Bahru is the capital of world famous Johor. The place is not only famous for the trade opportunities but is also popular for its beautiful and picturesque locations. Most of the people avail the train service and travel to this amazing place with their loved ones.

In addition to the beautiful attractions that the place offers to its visitors, the tourists can also enjoy the best train journey to Johor. One can expect a number of attractions along their way to Johor when traveling in a JB train. Further traveling to Johor via train is comparatively less tiring than any other traveling option.

There are many available train options for traveling to Johor from Singapore. You can avail the train from Singapore to JB which can drop you to Segamat, JB Sentral, Kluang, Kulai, and Labis Johor. The price of these trains may vary depending upon the travel class and the choice made.

Popular Train To JB - Duration and Fares

To reach JB, you first have to avail ETS train services that will land you in Gemas. After reaching Gemas, you can take a KTM train that will take you to JB. All the available train services to JB are extremely comfortable and affordable. You will never face any shortcoming in your travel as these trains are capable to offer all the facilities to its passengers.

One of the greatest advantages of traveling via these trains is that you can book the tickets online without many hassles. This means that you will not only get all the luxuries in your train journey but will also get all the comfort in booking the tickets.

Below are the needed details about the routes that will take you to the amazing land of Johor Bahru along with the fares and the duration of the route. Have a look:


Estimated Duration


Gemas To JB

4 hours 10 minutes

RM 21

Kluang To JB

2 hours

RM 14

Layang-Layang To JB

1 hours 20 minutes

RM 12

Jerantut to JB

8 hours 50 minutes

RM 36

WoodlandsTo JB

5 minutes


Type Of Train Service To Johor Bahru

When you are traveling to Gemas, you will get the following two types of train services:

  • Ets GOLD
  • sHUTTLE tRains

Has more stations and thus can take a longer time to reach.

Along with this, the following are the facilities that you can get on these KTM trains:

  • Sleeper compartment for the passengers
  • On-boards toilets
  • Facility to buy food
  • A separate prayer room for Muslim travelers

How to Book Ticket from Singapore to JB Online:

  • 1
    Visit the official KTM website
  • 2
    Choose Woodlands CLQ to JB Sentral as your route
  • 3
    Enter your particulars
  • 4
    Choose your favorite seats according to your preference
  • 5
    Take the print of the ticket or the confirmation

While booking the ticket for KTM Singapore to JB, you will either get a confirmation or an actual ticket. In case of a confirmation, do remember to exchange it for an actual ticket at the checkpoints of Woodlands Train. You can directly travel in the train if you have a ticket rather than the confirmation.


There are many people who consider traveling to Johor Bahru via train quite hectic. The reason being the longer time it takes, especially if you are traveling from the northern side of Malaysia.

However, traveling from SG to JB train delivers the maximum amount of convenience and comfort to the passengers. You also get the benefit of choosing your own favorite seats in the train along with the offered facilities.

So when are you booking your train tickets to JB?