Train To Alor Setar

Alor Setar or as it is formerly known as Alor Star is the state capital of Kedah, Malaysia. Alor Setar is known to be the second largest town in the state and home to Alor Setar Tower – a popular one of its own. Travelling to Alor Setar is never an issue as there is a various mode of transportation one can venture on – trains are one of them. We are looking at the best train for this kind of travel – the ETS.

ETS Train from KL to Alor Setar

The existence of ETS or Electric Train Service has been a lifesaver to most people as it brings the convenience they need to travel between states. Since its launch, it has been one of the trains to Alor Setar. It is comfortable and easy, plus affordable for most. Among the reasons why people opt to hop on this train to Alor Setar because the speed it provides go well above the normal speed of KTM or other old train services. This train trip will take around 4 hours 50 minutes and the availability of each trip is quite frequent, therefore, there will always be a time for booking.

Kuala Lumpur to Alor Setar Train Ticket Price

Train ticket for Alor Setar can be purchased at the counter itself – KL Sentral or online. Why deal with the hassle of queuing when online booking is easier? There are various online booking platforms for trains, hence, you will have a lot of options to go with. The ticket fare from Kuala Lumpur to Alor Setar starts from MYR 70 for Gold Ticket to MYR 93 for Platinum Ticket. However, the fares may change depending on the season, time of the travel and so on. This depicts the range you will be expected should you choose to hop on the ETS to Alor Setar.

ETS Train Facilities

ETS is the newest addition to a collection of trains here in Malaysia. It stands out more than others not because it is new, but because of the facilities provided by the service is deemed enticing for passengers. Among the facilities provided by ETS include the availability of two types of tickets; Gold and Platinum. Gold Ticket will provide you with more stops throughout the journey. This in return will make the trip slightly longer. Platinum Ticket is the opposite of it, which are fewer stops that resulted in lesser time journey, plus, they also offer complimentary snacks on board to keep your belly in a good mood.

Things To Do in Alor Setar

Since you are travelling to Alor Setar, we might as well have a couple of popular landmarks one should not miss whenever they are in town:

1. Alor Setar Tower

This tower was built in 1995 and is an iconic signature of Alor Setar. It would be a crime to not have look at this majestic tower up close and personal. The Alor Setar Tower has an observation deck about 289 feet from the base where you can get a complete 360 view of your surroundings.

2. Alor Setar State Museum

History is one of the things Kedah is proud of and Alor Setar has a bunch of collections of it. This state museum holds various historical records and properties including Chinese porcelain, the popular gold tree and archaeological artefacts recovered from Bujang Valley. It will be a great knowledge-infested trip for the younger generations to be exposed to.

Book Train Tickets To Alor Setar Online

Online booking system and platforms have made it easy for everyone from any part of the country to purchase their train tickets. Not only does it makes everything much easier, but customers has the liberty to compare the prices they prefer at the same time. The information is literally at the tip of your finger. The web holds the best seat for you and you should not miss grabbing it.