Things To Do in Ipoh

Ipoh, the third city in Malaysia located in Perak province is a city not known internationally as a tourist destination, but due to its close location from Kuala Lampur its famous due to domestic tourists. It has since gained its popularity due to the British colonial architecture and the Ipoh white-coffee.

It has attracted various people to Perak province as it has so many wonderful things that you can see, view, and cherish in your lifetime. You can book train ticket from KL to Ipoh via

You can read the article below to get clear in depth of what you can do and eat while in Ipoh, it will give you the reasons to visit the place again.

Seven Best Things You Can Do/Eat in Ipoh

(i) Nam Heong White Coffee

Ipoh has one of the outstanding foods and drinks compared to Penang. There most treasured one is the white coffee which originates from Nam Heong, a small coffee shop in the area. The coffee is made up of coffee beans which are soaked in margarine making it outstanding from other types of coffees and its cheap price makes it very affordable only RM5 for a cup.

(ii) Hipster cafe

Hipster cafe is also one of the coolest places you can relax. They are found in plan B area where it’s a very cool place, you will just get entertained and feed on all the foodstuffs that you wish. More so, there exist various cafes that you can visit, you just have to make your own choice.

(iii) Bean and Chicken Sprouts

It is also a famous meal in Ipoh which is dressed soy sauce or seasame oil. You can have a try with the classic meal offered at Lou Wong’s, Cowan street, and Ong kee place which is very famous at the place. Don’t forget testing their chicken rice and Gai Si Hor Fun, you will live to wish.

(iv) Street Art Adventure

These are rare designs in many cities and actually unique drawings that can make you watch for a longer period. More so, you are also provided with maps to act as guidance while going around the street, such an idea makes it very convenient to move around. The arts make it a very beautiful scenery for photos adventure, looks classic especially the art of the uncle holding coffee cup, very unique.

You can also take photos along the concubine lane which is now fully developed and owned by sales outlets, food stalls, and mini-street markets. It is very interesting to take photos on a street for more than 100 years and well maintained olden structures.

(v) Visit Sam Poh Tong Cave Temples

Sam Poh Tong is a Chinese Buddhist temple found in Gunung Rapat, found in a limestone hill in 1912. It is a beautiful scenery that attracts tourists due to its best landscape garden. The landscape garden is of various varieties including the pagodas and stone lanterns, fish ponds where tortoise are fed, and a restaurant (vegetarian) besides the temple. There are also various cave temples in Ipoh that will live you wondering including the Gua Tambun cave paintings and Kek Long Tong and Zen Gardening.

(vi) Visit Leisure and Cultural Villages

You can also enjoy leisure activities that will make you feel relaxed. Qing Xin Ling falls among the known leisure and cultural villages in Ipoh. It is located in Taman Saikat found at the lakeside. Some of the outdoor activities that you can enjoy include bicycle riding, jungle trekking, and a self-barbecue surrounding the campfire. You can also view the beauty of the village through the swings that are set up at the front of the lake.

You can also venture into the lost world of Tambun that has theme parks with hot natural springs and rides. Other themes include the amusement park, water park, and petting zoo. You can relax at Tambun after that tiresome day of exploring Ipoh.

(vii) Visit Museums

It is also some of the oldest places with great past memories in Ipoh. They have a geological museum which has a collection of huge gemstones and minerals. Ho Yan Hor is also another museum that stores historical heritage of Ipoh.


From the descriptions above we have the hope of Ipoh becoming one of the international tourists’ attractions sites. With its outstanding development, it is truly a lifetime place to visit.